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    Child Development, Govt of Kerala
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UN Women


  • Ms. Remya CS
    Office Help (Campus)
  • Ms. Chandrika S
    Office Help (Office)
  • Ms. Hina Haneefa
    Front Office Assistant
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar GS
    Liaison Assistant
  • Mr. Sreekumar M
  • Mr. Ananthu S Kumar
    Project Assistant
  • Ms. Deepthi AS
    Project Associate
  • Ms. Kajal Kamal
    Project Associate
  • Mr. Muhammed Rafsal
    Project Associate
  • Mr. Amjad Mohiyidheen AK
    Project Associate
  • Ms. Animol J
    Asst. Librarian
  • Ms. Ashitha GR
    Office Assistant
  • Ms. Bindu Gopal
    Project Officer
  • Ms. Sona Harish
    Public Relations Officer
  • Ms. Neethu JS
    Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Ms. Syama PR
    Manager (Finance & Accounts)
  • Ms. Harsha VS
    Manager (HR & Administration)
  • Mr. Suresh KM
    Manager (Gender Park campus)
  • Mr. Anaz AK
    Business Development Officer
  • Ms. Sruthi Kutty
    Planning Specialist
  • Dr. Divya Kodoth
    Fellow (Gender)
  • Mr. Jagadees Babu MN
    (PS to Chief Secretary to Govt. -Rtd.)
    Consultant (Finance & Accounts)
  • Mr. Sukumaran N
    (Additional Secretary to Govt. -Rtd.)
    Administrative Officer
  • Dr. PTM Sunish
    (Managing Director, KSWDC on Deputation)
    Chief Executive Officer