The International Institute for Gender and Development (IIGD) is the research and learning component of The Gender Park. It is devoted to multidisciplinary research, theorization and policy interventions. Its mission is to conduct high-quality research and effective capacity development relevant to provide innovative, practical recommendations for policymakers and the public to foster just and inclusive societies for all, in addition to educating students in gender theory and practice. The Institute would aim to define critical issues, generate and garner required knowledge and develop data required for responsive policies that are tailored to the specific socioeconomic context of the state and other developing nations, and contribute to global feminist academia. The objective to link knowledge creation to policy making through a multidisciplinary research and learning process is particularly relevant, given that the IIGD is part of the Department of Social Justice, Government of Kerala.

The IIGD will carry out its work through three main wings:

  • The KMC or Knowledge Management Center, which is the research wing of the IIGD that will be involved in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and data in key focus areas in the field of gender.
  • The AMC or Academic Management Center, which is the academic center of the IIGD is focused on providing high-quality formal short and long-term education in gender studies. Degrees courses and certificate courses in gender studies will be run by the AMC.
  • The CDC or Capacity Development Center, which is the training wing of the IIGD will run training and skill development modules in gender sensitivity, awareness, inclusion and diversity for various private and public stakeholders, students and professionals.