For a just
and Equal society

The principal space for convergence on gender and development in India

Interdisciplinary and inclusive community-based participatory approach to empowerment

Innovative Interventions and Partnership Models


The Gender Park is an initiative under the Department of Social Justice, Kerala, to pioneer gender equity and empowerment in the state. Headquartered in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, with its main campus set at Kozhikode, The Gender Park is a platform bringing together gender policy, research, education and social initiatives.

Kick-started in 2013, The Gender Park officially found its standing under the Department of Social Justice in 2015. As a part of its vision to encourage research, education and policy, the organisation has near-completed its 24-acre centre for excellence for the same at Kozhikode. The Gender Park is the first space of its kind in the world and aims to become the premier convergence point for gender related activities in the region.

  • Intervention
  • Capacity development

Our Initiatives


Thantedam: My space; courage; The Gender Park

Thantedam is our space to reclaim what has been lost – our voices, our expression, and our rebellion. Stories of struggle and success from across the spectrum of genders and identities, Thantedam will delve deep into the lives of many. It will also look into our rights and roles in the society as individuals, in an effort to make us all aware of the responses and respect we deserve from the social systems.

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